Saint Francis Episcopal Church - Our Church, Our Vision

Vision: The St. Francis Church family seeks to glorify God through worship, fellowship, teaching, and service. We worship God in the Episcopal tradition, hear God through the preaching and teaching of Christ’s Gospel and serve God by caring for others.

We are a parish church in the Diocese of the Rio Grande, which is part of the Episcopal Church, USA (TEC). TEC is part of the larger global Anglican Communion.

We're a friendly, informal group. We invite you to come worship with us this Sunday morning!


Please keep Father Daniel in your prayers as he recovers from a bicycle accident. Please send cards to:
St. Francis Episcopal Church
2903 Cabezon Blvd. SE
Rio Rancho, NM 87124

Monday - Scouts at 630pm
Tuesday - 1230-530pm MOP's swim at Corrales Pool
Tuesday - Scouts at 7pm
Wednesday - 10am Story time at Corrales Library
Wednesday - Centering Prayer at 5pm
Thursday - Choir practice at 7pm
Friday - 1230-530pm MOP's swim at Corrales Pool
Sunday - 8am & 10am services

A.A. Every morning at 6:30am
Scouts Mondays at 6:30pm and Tuesdays at 7pm
Centering Prayer Every Wednesday at 5pm
Choir Practice Every Thursday at 7pm
Coffee and Cake after 8am and 10am Services. Please bring in your own special creations to share with your fellow Franciscans.

Clare' Closet
In August, Clare's Closet will be open Monday, August 3, 9-1; Saturday, August 8, 10-2; and again Monday, August 17, 9-1! We will be giving out school supplies on our open days this month. Thank you for your donations! Our storage shed delivery has been delayed, but it should be here the middle of the month. We will store out-of-season clothes in tubs, as well as large baby equipment inside the shed. Thank you to those of you who have helped with this purchase.

Craft Fair/Fun Day
Many thanks to all who helped make this special day happen! The Fair netted over $1500. Since Jodie and Bette have passed on the Craft Fair baton, so they can concentrate on Clare's Closet, we need someone to carry on this tradition. Please let Padre know if you can take this on. Now is the time to book November crafters. So we hope someone can take this on soon.

Craft Fair and Clare's Closet

Craft Fair
Thank you to all who helped make the Craft Fair/Fun Day happen. Special thanks to Dawn, Diane B, Diane C, Frannie, Janie, and Lisa who look lead positions. And a huge thank you to the Rio Rancho Fire Department.

Clare's Closet
We made the latest addition of "Together" from the Diocese! This week we assembled school supply packages to be distributed in August. Our shed will be delivered Friday, July 24th. So we will be able to clean out the middle classroom in early August. Thank you to those of you who have given monies toward the shed. It is much needed. Out of season clothes will be stored there as well as large items that do not easily fit in the closet. The Closet will be open August 3, 8 and 17. The committee will meet August 19. Please continue to donate, ask your neighbor, hairdresser, anyone you know who has children or grandchildren. We will be happy to have their outgrown clothes, shoes, etc.

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