A Note from the Padre

Our journey through Lent is moving toward the holy city of Jerusalem. Over the next few days (Palm Sunday through Holy Week) we will read of our Lord Jesus' triumphal entry and his passion. These are foundational passages in our spiritual lives as Christians. I wanted to remind once again; listen this year to these beautiful Gospel passages with a new set of ear. Listen with an open mind and a seeking heart. Listen like it is the first time you hav...e ever heard these passages. Put yourself in the picture, read the story, pick out words that have special resonance. Close your eyes and place yourself in the crowded street. As you hear of the people shouting the name of Jesus, visualize his features; his nose, his hair, his eyes. Maybe as he is passing by, your eyes meet and he smiles. Jesus is in the distance, and people are pushing you away. Do you stand on your toes to get a better view or do you walk away? Imagine the darkness of the garden, the sight of Jesus being whipped and even the cold, dark, smelly cell where Jesus is sitting. Do you reach out to him? What do these things mean in your life, in our lives. Listen with an open heart and during this week, discover what feelings arise inside. Hold those feelings and carry them with you this week. It will be a week of discovery, growing and a knowing that Christ is near. On Sunday, and during the Holy Week services, bring all those feelings forth. Whether they are fears, tears, laughter or hope and lay them at the foot of the cross. Most blessed week. You are in my prayers, and I ask that we pray for one another.


Liturgy of the Palms:
Psalm 118:19-29;
Mark 11:1-11 or John 12:2-16

Liturgy of the Word:
Psalm 31:9-16;
Isaiah 50:4-9a; Philippians 2:5-11; Mark 14:1-15:47 or Mark 15:1-39,(40-47)

March 23rd-29th

Tuesday 530pm - Bible n' Brew at Fat Squirrel Pub
Tuesday 7pm - Boy Scouts
Wednesday 10am - Morning Prayer with Rev. Judith Jenkins...
Wednesday 5pm - Centering Prayer
Wednesday 6pm - Stations of the Cross, Soup Supper to follow
Thursday 7pm - Choir practice
Saturday 5-9pm - Scouts meeting
Saturday 9-2 - Cabezon Park Dog Show
Saturday 10am - Scouts Commandment Hike
Saturday 930 - Altar guild making Palm Crosses in Library
Saturday 1130am - Foodies at Village Pizza in Corrales

Easter Services

Maundy Thursday – April 2nd 7pm
Watch with Jesus – April 2nd 8pm-6am
Good Friday – April 3rd 12-3pm...
Great Vigil – April 4th 8pm
Easter Services – 8am & 10am
Easter Egg Hunt to follow 10am

Saint Francis Episcopal Church - Our Church, Our Vision

Vision: The St. Francis Church family seeks to glorify God through worship, fellowship, teaching, and service. We worship God in the Episcopal tradition, hear God through the preaching and teaching of Christ’s Gospel and serve God by caring for others.

We are a parish church in the Diocese of the Rio Grande, which is part of the Episcopal Church, USA (TEC). TEC is part of the larger global Anglican Communion.

We're a friendly, informal group. We invite you to come worship with us this Sunday morning!

Notes from the padre

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